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          Alan played 33 games for Napoli last season, contributing two goals and one assist. Strengthening the midfield is also the most needed in the Premier League. Ancelotti is also very good at using veteran players, so the best players can play to their potential and energy. Manchester City's lineup is indeed more thick, but sane and Silva leave the team, the defense line also needs to be added, if these positions are not supplemented, there will be a lot of problems, so from the current point of view, the Premier League powers of Chelsea are more ambitious, so the subsequent time the big teams need to speed up the speed of recruitment.

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          On the one hand, the real estate sector is adjusted. On the other hand, it has not been hyped recently. Real estate speculation can kill many birds with one stone. What's more, the Hong Kong market is mainly the market of mainland real estate stocks this year.


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