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          At present, the fans are anxious to wait, after all, many people hope Messi can hang up his boots in Barcelona. If Messi joins City, he will join hands with Aguero, and some nodes of Argentina's national team will reappear in the Premier League. In addition, the number 10 shirt is inevitable, so many things need to be solved by the manager. The reason why the players have a huge price is because of their commercial value, but if you look at the relevant data after Juve's inclusion in Ronaldo, we can see that the actual value is not as much as the fans imagine. According to the financial report analysis of Juve, Ronaldo only has 40 million yuan, and the cost amortization is more than 100 million yuan per year. However, there may be other aspects of improvement and benefits. In the history of the club, there are several King's efficiency, which is also valued by the big clubs. In addition, the club pays more attention to whether it can help the team to win the championship trophy and the results of the European war.



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