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          The fire of cash lending is that there is no threshold, and almost anyone can do it, big companies can do it, and small companies can do it; Internet finance can do it, and news portals can do it; listed companies can do it, and small and individual investors can also do it; to put it bluntly, private lending, people do not promote officials, not investigate. What's more, the pattern of "small loan war" has been formed. The top ten companies with cash loans can make a monthly loan of 3 billion, the top 20 companies can make a monthly loan of 2 billion, and the top 30 companies can make a monthly loan of 1 billion, and the profits can reach tens of millions. The annual income is far more than 36% of the legal red line. It's no wonder that countless heroes are competing for such huge profits.

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          Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, there are some weak recruitment in the summer, so only Manchester City and Paris can satisfy Messi. In addition, it is said that the possible teams such as Chelsea, Arsenal and Inter are all thinking about it. Guara also mentioned Messi many times in recent years, and recalled the time with Messi and the brilliance of manufacturing together, so from the perspective of guara, he will try his best to promote the deal. Messi's contract with the team will expire in the next summer, because there is a special clause in the contract. In the summer of 2020, Messi can choose to terminate the contract free of charge with Barca. However, the senior management thinks that the time has expired, but if the king of the ball is determined, Barca may give in moderately.

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          The most recent hot topic is Messi's joining Manchester City, but now it is a bubble drama. Everything is regrettable. However, such a result is beneficial for other big clubs. The interested teams of Messi can have more planning and contact in advance. One season is enough to complete some impossible things. Although city have consumed some energy because of the efforts to include Messi, it is not too late to replenish the lineup. It is just that some players who come to cast because of Messi's joining the blue moon may also change their minds. City need to speed up the recruitment planning.


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