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          The craziness of the market is often accompanied by danger, which does not come from the rectification of the management. In fact, the sensitivity of the CBRC to this is earlier than that of our market observers. However, there is still a risk of out of control in cash lending, and more and more people are involved in this risk, and the amount of money is getting bigger and bigger. To be exact, the water surface is particularly worried, and so is the cash loan If it continues to develop, it may evolve into a Chinese style subprime mortgage sooner or later.

          In addition, in Leicester City's 1-2 defeat of spurs, chilwell also sent a threat, a pass, three steals, two successes, three saves, one foul and fouled. Leicester City 2-0 Arsenal game, two goals were scored in the second half, the first goal is Pereira and Barnes continuous pass, tilemans cross assists Waldi to break the goal. Shortly after that, Madison extended the score with a return pass from Waldi. Chilwell also passed a threat, a pass, and a clear three times.

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